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Blog: Have you ever felt alone?

I am Kira, the Chief Operating Officer of Reach for the Stars. We have been chugging along for nearly 15 months now as a Non-Profit. Carlos the CEO, told me "Kira you should do a Blog!" Like I have time for that. But it wouldn't leave my damn mind, so here I am... thanks Carlos.

First if you are reading this, and you are offended easily, please close this. I do not mean to offend, but I am human. Second, if you don't like curse words, please close this (I am a veteran, with a military mouth, and I this is my blog, right), third, if you get offended, please close this. Finally, if you are a English teacher who hates grammar issues, you should definitely close this. I think I failed every English class. Ha!

Okay, so now that those are out of the way, why did Carlos mention starting this amazing Blog of my boring life? Well here is the deal, so many people see or here our titles and success stories and say, "Wow you have started a Non-Profit, overcame so much and are doing so great, how do I do it?" The truth is, I overcome everyday. I chose everyday to move forward. I have fluctuations in mood, chronic pain, and success just like everyone else.

I think its important that people know what's behind Facebook, Instagram and that thing that Tweets. We are ALL just trying to survive another day. I believe it is just as important to share our bad (if not more) than it is to share our good. Why? because it shows humility. It humbles us. If the world became a more humbled place, we would all pitch in more, help more and love more. Jealousy would vanish, envy would be mute and our hearts would break for our neighbors. Instead we think Suzy and Mike are the perfect couple, Trina and Joe are so rich and Betsy and Candice are the most beautiful and have everything.... WHY NOT ME?

When the truth is Suzy and Mike are in divorce counseling, Trina and Joe have 30 credit cards and Betsy has cancer and Candice takes care of her.

I am not saying we should be pessimistic, not at all! But if we knew the hearts of our friends, we could pray for them, be there for them and love them. Maybe even relate to them. Instead, we envy them for what we think they have (social media/ house/ car/ looks).

I wont lie, I have done this. I have been in these situations. I was a Suzy and Mike, I was a Trina and Joe and I can relate to being a Betsy. All awhile, none of my support system had a clue. They thought my life was perfect, my marriage was perfect, my finances were perfect, my body (health) was perfect.... and it WAS NOT. I was alone.

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