NASA Space Novelty 3 Charm Magnet

Who doesnt love strong magnets on their fridge?


This is a cool, fun, steel magnet featuring our Moon, an astronaut and a Moon Rover! Bring space down to your fridge and brighten your home! I


ts the perfect gift to excite a friend or inspire your children. 


Built with quality materials that will last. This is a great reminder of our achievments in the Apollo program and future achivements in the Artimis program. Also great for your personal collection or any Space themed or science related party.  


Package Dimensions 7.44 x 5.16 x 0.47 inches

Item Weight 1.41 ounces

NASA Space Novelty 3 Charm Magnet

  • 100% of the purchase price will go directly into Reach For The Stars charity programs; assisting countless beautiful souls within the community with food, hygiene and vital resources while also providing a fun and educational space to look at the stars.

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