RFTStars Programs


We envision a community where everyone has access to quality food, hygiene, the ability to experience inspiring educational stargazing while also understanding homelessness, the consequences of hunger and poor nutrition ultimately resulting in a solid commitment to creating a stronger, healthier, educated, tranquil Pima County.


Food Program

Eating is not a want, it’s a necessity!

Even though we are a small nonprofit charity, providing thousands of meals from our home, we are growing at a fast rate. Families and individuals were already struggling in 2020 prior to the pandemic, now the numbers have nearly tripled. Food is becoming scarce, families are afraid of becoming homeless and are losing hope. People are scared, depressed and relying heavily on nonprofits for assistance. Our program assists clients with food as well as hygiene, clothes and other necessities when available. Give today, don't allow your neighbor to go to bed hungry. 

Night Time Stargazing Events

Inspiring people to look up during hard times...

We host a free monthly educational Stargazing community event within the Southern Az communities. These events are to generate awareness, inspire wonder, promote STEM foundations, and provide education on astronomy. We do fun presentations and get kids involved, all while being safe and taking all precautions needed to prevent the spread of germs. We even invented a plexiglass device for each person to look through the telescopes.

These events are a huge part of getting the community together. Here is a breakdown of the night

-Multiple telescopes set out for families and members of the community to view the night sky

-Educate members on various astronomy topics and get kids involved

-Laser show of constellations, Milky Way, fun facts and more

-Answer questions about telescopes, which one you should buy etc. 

-Theme of event will match the objects viewed i.e. Solar system event will only focus on the planets

-$5 Donation appreciated but not required to attend


Astronomy Programs

We also host intimate events (birthdays, company BBQs, weddings, promotions, anniversaries, retreats, grand openings,Quinceanera). We can come to your residence, office, campsite or venue. Our world class telescope observatory is mobile and can come to you.

Contact us today for pricing! Proceeds benefit RFTS Charity.

Daytime Solar Events

Education for our community on where we live in the universe...


We are available to host monthly or one-time solar/stargazing events at different venues, fairs, meet-ups and food patios (i.e. Vail Coffee Stop/School/Church). We have very delicate high quality equipment to show different wavelengths of light that come from the sun. Our telescopes have special filters to make for a completely safe and educational event. Come by and see solar prominences, sun spots, the chromosphere, hydrogen alpha features and more! This is always fun for the kids, and we always have our astro table set up with items for sale (85% of the sales purchase goes to our programs, the other 15% goes to overhead costs and equipment maintenance.) 

Follow our Facebook page for updates on our next solar event! 



Swapping Trashbags For Backpacks

One Backpack at a Time

At RFTS, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing homelessness. In Tucson alone there are about 1,300 homeless (this number has drastically gone up since the pandemic) members in the community on any given night (25% Veterans). Homelessness is by no means an easy feat, but through building rapport, showing kindness and community empowerment we believe we can facilitate progress in this area. Our "Trashbags to Backpacks Program" is a program that will provide the homeless community with a backpack filled with essential items (hygiene, food, underwear, socks). It will also include an important list of resources within their particular area. This will give the tools necessary for them to “Reach For The Stars” when they are ready...Whether that be a shelter, transitional housing center, permanent housing, REHAB, or a doctor. Making the first step is the hardest but always the most vital and overlooked. RFTS will always strive to make a difference, and invite you to learn more. You can support our efforts by offering resource information, donations to the backpacks, or volunteer your time. Please contact us for more information. 

Amplified Silence

Sub Program: Telescopes for the Community in-need

Every month, we draw a strip from a bucket of names that we have filled with our usual low income food program families, as well as individuals who can not afford a telescope (Case by case). We then donate a Celestron Firstscope or something of similar quality to the winners! Some families who have received a telescope have had autistic children, children with anxiety, social challenges, disabilities, in need of a hobby, a pure love for astronomy, and/or have needed to learn patience. We are happy to report that the telescopes have helped in all of those areas. The small piece of equipment has taught patience, given confidence (allowing for less anxiety and social stress) as well as opened up a love for a new hobby with the family. Recipients have told us that their children use it daily, have a new found appreciation for space, have confidence, patience and less anxiety as well as want to give back to the community because they were given a telescope. RFTS has witnessed these changes first hand and it is miraculous at how a simple telescope can change someone's life. This is our mission. To inspire and bring wonderful joy to children who would usually never have the chance to get their own quality, real and educational scope. To see something so small create lasting benefits including quality family time, STEM  foundations and inspiration.


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