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The Most Unique Private Events in Pima County 

Private Event Inquiry 

You may also call or text us at 520-975-8041

Send us a message to schedule a private stargazing event. These events help us raise vital funding for our programs. Private events aren't typically free of charge, but you'll know the money will be helping a great local cause supporting youth and the community!

To make a request, please provide:

  • 2-3 possible dates (if weather is bad)

  • Location of event

  • How many kids/adults approx

  • One or more of the capabilities below - 

  1. Stargazing (nighttime) - Multiple telescopes and binoculars set up for a cosmic tour with a tour-guide

  2. Solar viewing (daytime) - Advanced solar telescope/s to view the sun in multiple ways and learn about our star

  3. Cosmic Art (day or night) View the sun or seep space and paint your findings

  4. Astrophotography Experience (nighttime - Take your own image of the cosmos to be printed and framed - single people or couples).  

We can host corporate events, birthdays, wedding activities and more. We will work with you to choose the best day (avoiding the bright moon or not). We will also choose which telescopes to bring that will be most effective for your audience and the objects we've planned out, and if weather becomes an issue, we will move to the next planned date.

Pricing is based on a flat rate, plus a fee for the number of people attending/telescopes needed.

We're so excited to officially start sharing even more of the universe with Pima County!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask and book your events online today!

Enthusiastic children at a Tucson mental health non-profit event using a telescope to view the stars.
Children in Tucson at a local mental health nonprofit observing the sky through advanced telescopes.
Mentors exploring the night sky through a telescope with children.
A child exploring the night sky with a pair of astronomy binoculars.
Volunteers working with a kid and teaching them about astronomy through a telescope.
Group of Tucson youth at a nonprofit event creating a space-themed murals.
Picture of a cosmo
Child at Tucson nonprofit even building a telescope, to study the night sky with fellow youths.
Children working on paintings and pictures to connect art with astronomy in their life.
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