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Equipment Rentals & Service's

Private Events-

We have Used telescopes available to purchase of many different types and sizes. Message us and ask about our current selection! 
We also have accessories, add-ons. Ask what's in stock and give an explanation of your desires for visuals or imaging.

  • Private lesson: $60 per hour (video chat available) 
  • Cleaning & Restoration: Starting at $100 up to $500 (not including unforEseen materials needed)
  • Optical Cleaning: $30
  • Optical alignment/collimation: $25
  • Private Stargazing event: Priced for 10 People for 2.5 hours: $500
Message us to get your telescope restored, cleaned, aligned, and more. We can get you back out under the stars ASAP! 
We do charge for these services as a way to raise money for the mission. Get help and help someone else at the same time


Equipment Rentals
  • telescopes: $60 each for first night, then $30 each additional night - Prices depend on equipment selected - breakdown coming soon
  • binoculars: $25 Each for First night, then $15 each additional night
  • Compound microscopes: $40 each for first night, then $20 each additional night

Give us a call or message us to rent some beautiful astronomical equipment, from a 10 inch reflector telescope to a pair of mini binoculars, and everything in-between! Need a star chart or book to bring camping? Message us!


Terms and contract will be signed upon pick-up.

Please brief your group:

All equipment are highly tuned. The delicate optics can be easily damaged.  Please take extra care at all times, especially when transporting. Children must have an adult present during use. Do not leave unattended, unsecured or out in elements. Water/rain will ruin optics and electronics requiring replacement. All equipment is difficult to clean, and specific alignment must be done after use. Your are liable for any damage/replacements. 

The preparations, maintenance, battery replacements and cleaning are considered in the cost.

Thank you!




One of our telescope available to rent.
Some of our astronomy binoculars for rent.
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