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Starry Sky
Purchase a gift to support our mission!

The only handheld laser pointer that shows a bright beam of light capable of reaching the stars!

The only laser pointer trusted and used by armature and professional astronomers!

Tired of trying to point out objects with your finger? Are you longing to touch the stars in anyway possible? Look no further! This Green 532nm Astronomy Laser is an impressive tool to help you explore the night sky! It's the perfect fun for adults, and will make you feel like you have Yoda's light saber in your hands as you point out stars in the sky. Impress your friends with this great gift for people who love the night sky and outdoor activities. Get ready to explore the night sky like never before with this awesome laser(Take extreme caution and read terms below).  only use this laser at every event to present the cosmos. Now you can to! Plus, the money we raise from these sales goes directly to the mission! ITs a WIN WIN! Get your light saber today!


The following disclaimer outlines the terms and conditions governing the use of the 532nm laser pointer sold on our website. By purchasing and using this product, you agree to the terms of this disclaimer. It is essential that you carefully read and understand the contents of this disclaimer before using the laser pointer.

  1. Proper Usage: The 532nm laser pointer is intended for lawful and responsible use only. It should be used in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations governing laser pointers in your jurisdiction. Improper use, including but not limited to pointing the laser at individuals, animals, vehicles, or aircraft, is strictly prohibited.

  2. User Responsibility: As the user of the 532nm laser pointer, you acknowledge and assume full responsibility for its safe handling, storage, and operation. You must exercise caution and ensure that the laser pointer is used in a controlled and responsible manner.

  3. Potential Hazards: The 532nm laser pointer emits a powerful beam of green laser light. Direct exposure to the eyes or skin can cause harm. Avoid staring directly into the laser beam or allowing it to come into contact with the eyes, as this can result in visual impairment or injury. Furthermore, the laser beam may cause damage to sensitive materials, such as photographic film or certain electronic devices. Exercise utmost care to prevent accidental exposure or damage.

  4. Compliance with Safety Guidelines: It is your responsibility to adhere to all safety guidelines provided with the laser pointer. These guidelines include, but are not limited to, the appropriate use of protective eyewear, keeping the laser pointer out of reach of children, and ensuring that the laser is not operated by individuals who are not familiar with its proper usage.

  5. Limitation of Liability: We, as the seller of the 532nm laser pointer, shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the use or misuse of the product. This includes, but is not limited to, personal injury, property damage, loss of profits, or any other damages resulting from the use of the laser pointer.

  6. Indemnification: By purchasing and using the 532nm laser pointer, you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any claims, damages, losses, or expenses arising from the use or misuse of the laser pointer.

  7. Age Restrictions: The purchase and use of the 532nm laser pointer is restricted to individuals aged 18 years or older. By purchasing the product, you confirm that you are of legal age to do so. It is your responsibility to ensure that the laser pointer is not used by individuals under the age of 18.

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