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Stargazing, Solar Viewing, Fundraisers and all Events:

Tucson Roadrunners VS San Jose
RFTStars game night!
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November 19th

January 21st



If you don't live in Arizona, Then search for astronomy events near you on the amazing Night Sky Network website! 


We Hope you join us for one of our events some day! We have all kinds of events throughout the year, and most are unique and always fun for the whole family. Weather and the safety of attendees are just about the only reasons why we would ever cancel an event. Events are a keystone in our mission, giving the community something to look forward to, get people outside and socializing, educating kids, teens and adults about outer space and our programs, teaching them why its important to have compassion towards those around us, and so much more. Also, the telescopes are fun, but they also give perspective on our life on Earth. Besides daytime solar-gazing, and nighttime star-gazing events, we also have many upcoming themes and activity based events planned! Want to shoot flying spaceships? Want to have a drive-in movie night? How about launch rockets? Stay tuned, follow our Facebook page and subscribe to our site so you don't miss the many announcements and opportunities available right here in your community!