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Tucson children experiencing the therapeutic benefits of stargazing, part of a program by RFTS to address mental health.
A Tucson kid at a local mental health nonprofit drawing inspiration from star clusters for an art project.

( Zero Fee Donation Link )

Other donation platforms:

Become a Member

Become a member and provide love to the youth community. Your support provides a safe, fun and authentic space for youth to heal and find HOPE. 


Run or join a committee, man a telescope, set-up/tear-down, spread the word, or consider helping at a vital and consistent level to help create big change!

AZ Tax Credit

Donations qualify for an Arizona tax credit! Please consider RFTStars for your annual charity donation!

Add RFTS to your Fry's or Kroger account via Fry's/Kroger Family Community Rewards. (They donate a percent of your entire purchase price, free to you.)

Go to your Rewards, then Community - Add Reach For The Stars, AZ, or simply put in code QY084.

 Next, if you've been to one of our many events, volunteered, received services, received a telescope, or if you or your child have been helped in any way, PLEASE LEAVE A GOOGLE REVIEW! This is one of the most important things you can do to help us grow. Jump to the review page.


We need telescopes, school supplies, science materials, snacks, beverages and event equipment to support multiple programs. Please consider donating items to our cause!

We are looking for 4+ acres of commercial land to host our events at and ultimately build our community observatory. Please contact us if you are interested in playing a large role in the future of Pima County!

To learn more about our plans, check out our blog. For any questions on donations, visit us here.


“The community has really been phenomenal in providing time and talent to the rising need of healing children. Alex has given a tremendous amount of time and talent toward the architectural design of the future observatory. I mean WOW! Thank you, Alex Sexsmith Architects”

— RFTS Team


“Space Science and STEAM have the power to give peace, confidence, and so much more. Receiving donations, including in-kind donations of STEAM supplies, allows us to inspire the community of youth, and that is a pure blessing. Thank you, Tyler Gadi Team.”

— RFTS Team

“This telescope donation was a pure shock to us. RFTS could not have been more excited and blessed to have received such an amazing donation to share with the community. Thank you John & Brenda!!”

— RFTS Team


“We strive to inspire our young adults to want to Reach For the STARS. A telescope package was donated to allow us to teach our high- schoolers how to take deep space pictures before they go into college, or to inspire them too! Thank you, Dean, from Starizona”

— RFTS Team

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