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Photo Credit: Kristy Mace - Empire HS Photography Student, Gabe Zimmerman Trail Head, Vail AZ, Oct 2020 Star Party

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From K & C...

“This telescope donation was a pure shock to us. RFTS could not have been more excited and blessed to have received such an amazing donation to share with the community. Thank you John & Brenda!!”

— RFTS Team


“There are MANY beautiful Families in our Food Box Program that love ramen and veggies. This was a great surprise for them. Thank you to the 162nd Logistics Readines Sq (MSgt Schlesinger, SSgt Chacon, & SSgt Royko)!”

— RFTS Team


“The community has really been phenomenal in providing support to the rising need in hunger to our homeless and family clients. Thank you Jim for your amazing donation!”

— RFTS Team

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“Space is vast, beautiful and has the power to give peace. Receiving this donation, amongst many others so that we can inspire the community is a pure blessing. Thank you Dean (Starizona).”

— RFTS Team


Pure Gratitude, Thanks to you...

Thank you for being there for our clients. Thank you for being there for us. Thank you for being you. Every kind deed, donation & kind word adds to our community foundation. Were building a strong network which enables quick strategy, teamwork & actions with a common goal of relieving the burdens of our wonderful local families, individuals and homeless who just need a bit of help. Together, we are strong. Together, we are compassionate. Together we're a real community. With your support & funding, no one has to stand alone. 

Stand with us, grow with us, smile with us! Thank you!

 - CEO