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Laser Pointer for Astronomy: 5mw High Power- 532mw

This is a high power true 5mw, 532nm waveleangth laser that most astronomers use to point out objects in the night sky because the beam is vright and fully visible at night.


Not to be confused with a pet toy! This is a serious tool for the night sky. We highly recomend that only those 18 or older use this. Always reasearch local laws, never point at any type of aircraft. Only ment to point out brief displays of areas or objects in the night sky directly above your head when safe to do so. Never point horizantally or towards housing. Always be aware of your surroundings. Use at your own risk.

NEVER shine in the eyes. Never use for pets. This is a very strong laser that can instantly blind you and those around you if the beam hits your retna. Beware of reflections! Caution is to be used at all times. Happy laser pointing!

Reach for the Stars is NOT LIABLE for any injury, criminal charge, property damage or any harm to life or property. You accept sole responsibility at the time of payment.

Thank you!!!

Laser Pointer for Astronomy: 5mw High Power- 532mw


Shipping to CONUS ONLY.

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