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NASA Solar Glasses -  5 for $25  - Safe Everyday Sunspot & Eclipse Viewing!

Get the official NASA Solar Glasses for safe everyday sunspot and eclipse viewing! Approved by NASA and designed to protect your eyes, these glasses are perfect for viewing sunspots, eclipses, and other celestial events. Buy a set of 5 for only $25 and get ready for the October 14th, 2023 eclipse. Don't miss out on this incredible celestial event - get your NASA Solar Glasses today Don't wait, youll forget!


Want to view the sun every day? Want to image the sun with your cellphone? Want to watch an eclypse safley in beautiful detail right before your eyes? Then you NEED THESE SOLAR GLASSES! 


Link to NASA Eclipse Calendar:


You can use these any day to check for sunspots and see the sun safley whenever you want. No need to wait for an eclipse to use these! We actually use these in our programs to educate youth and adults on safe solar viewing and sunspots! 


So, its time to see the sun with our Solar glasses. Dont underestimate the inspiration these can provide! 


Our Eclipse Glasses are fully compliant with ISO 12312-2:2015 will be safe to use for lice according to NASA, as long as the solar film and front-facing cardboard body are not damaged

NASA Solar Glasses - 5 for $25 - Safe Everyday Sunspot & Eclipse Viewing!


No returns - Money goes straight to RFTS programs!

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