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The mission of Reach For The Stars is to uniquely improve mental health for children, and the community through astronomy, STEM and volunteer opportunities, influencing the course of history for generations to come.

Due to the 20% increase of children suffering from severe anxiety over the last 10 years, along with Arizona being higher than the national average for suicide among young teens at 17%, Reach For The Stars believes that it is critical now more than ever to be a guide for our youth and give them a unique, fun and whole-person way to transform.  When health problems are not addressed early, they can easily have lasting consequences into adulthood.


We aren't just helping children, either. Our astronomy events bring people of all ages and there has been many reports of lasting, uplifting change. We aren't messing around when we say that Space is one of the most awe-inspiring frontiers available. Our specialty is making a connection through our many programs and events, advanced equipment and experiences, widening peoples perspective, blowing minds with views of galaxies, nebula, star clusters, planets etc. teaching people how to harness the peace, listen to the amplified silence and calm the mind. 

PTSD, stress, anxiety, feeling closed in, depressed, looking for something different... ?

Our hope help as many people as we can with these issues and at the same time, introduce the community, city, state and ultimately the world to astronomy!

Anxiety can start as early as age 5!

Arizona is higher than the National Avg for Teens wanting to/planning to commit suicide


Children that suffer from mental illness are 25% more likely to be at-risk adults, not go to college & grow into poverty

Our Youth want to get better, the traditional 1-step process just is not working

Youth are the future. Without healthy minds, our world will spin into chaos

Reach For The Stars programs & benefits


and stargazing is proven to produce many benefits to include: An alternative method of coping, stress relief, improve sleep, reduce blood pressure and ignite a sense of "awe"


helps children to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. These skills, when learned during a young age, will form habits that will lead to success during school and as they enter the workforce.


in kids, is proven in studies that they are more likely to graduate high school and attend college. Volunteering also teaches children vital social-emotional skills.

Guest Speakers

from different work-force industries to ignite passions. It is shown that adults who have been successful, typically have a mentor or a person they remember who inspired them. 

MindUp Training

for all Volunteers and Staff working with youth, and teaching children about the brain. Understanding the structure of the brain and how it functions gives children a sense of control and empowerment. Mindfulness-based practices have been shown to increase mental health and improve emotion regulation.

Case Studies

RFTS has an ongoing mental health survey going of individuals in the area

RFTS bases their mission and vision on the needs of the community, the results of their programs and the research conducted



The Milky-way galaxies band over Tucson Arizona - Image by Alistair Symon, local award winning astrophotographer and friend to RFTStars. He takes these jaw-dropping images from his homemade observatory shed right from his very backyard. In this single image, you can find over 20 well-known deep sky objects which we hunt for at our star parties. One of the many benefits of coming to our events and becoming a member!


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Monthly Telescope Giveaways!


Monthly Stargazing Events!


Created August 2020 by Founders, Carlos Aragon & Kira Reid

Carlos and Kira both have their own unique stories, however together they have one as well. They met at their lowest points after both being separated from the military, suffering from severe depression and addiction. The way that they healed was through a program that tackled a "whole-person" concept. It wasn't just one form of therapy or another, it was a combination. Kira and Carlos went through a program that focused on education, coping skills, and ensuring there was a plan in place to give to others. It was not long, until together they realized they had completely transformed. It was a year later when they realized their true passion (giving) and they never looked back.

Reach For The Stars started with a Walmart telescope, then a bit larger one that Carlos used as a hobby to get through depression and recovery. Soon, the whole family was sharing the night sky with individuals at a local Safeway parking lot. Kira and Carlos realized that there was two things happening; one, a passion in the community for stargazing and two, people who were struggling (just like they had). So they created Reach For The Stars 501(c)3 Non-Profit. 


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