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Our Mission:

To influence the lives of children, the underserved, and community through astronomy and volunteer projects, positively impacting the course of history for generations to come.

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Image Taken by Alistair Symon - Tucson AZ Local Armature Astro photographer- 50 image Mosaic with ~400 hours of imaging through his backyard telescope, camera and Hydrogen alpha, Sulfur II and Oxygen III filters.


Due to the 20% increase number of children suffering from severe anxiety with Arizona being higher than the national average for suicide among young teens at 17%, Reach For The Stars believes that it is critical now more than ever to grab onto our youth and give them a unique, fun and alternative way of coping.  When health problems are not addressed early, they can have lasting consequences into adulthood. Children today are having anxiety at age 5 and we as a community can combat this, because lets face it, children are the future!

Stargazing & Astronomy Education:


- Learn about space exploration while being inspired about astronomy careers

- Proven Stress reliever

- Receive a free telescope to take home (lessons)

- Alternative method of coping: Overcome anxiety, depression, trauma concerns and regain self-worth

- Access to meditation and creativity

- STEM projects

- Hands-on-lessons and activities

- Safe, fun and influencing environment

- Access to multiple outside Professor, Speakers, Career Advisors


Volunteer Projects

- Spend time volunteering, by packing homeless backpacks and food boxes for distribution.

- Learn important life skills like empathy, team work, leadership, pride, anxiety management and attention to detail.

-Have access to free food

- Learn vital social-emotional skills at a young age

- Volunteer with parents, a bonding experience

- Proven to initiate altruistic behavior in children

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Our goal is to have a Community Center (preferably near Vail) with an observatory, classroom setting for our underprivileged youth to learn while being inspired about space exploration and careers. This center will not only be about astronomy but will also combine our other programs. We would like to have our youth spend time volunteering by packing homeless backpacks and food boxes for distribution. These tasks would create a sense of euphoria, empathy, team work, leadership, confidence, stress-release skills as well as volunteer and educational hours in a safe, fun environment.  

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Astronomy is Changing Lives

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