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Grants do not grant land for non-profits

The Impact of Nonprofits on the Community

We need a piece of land to get a grant to build on the land and when I say build on the land, We've made partnerships with people that will come in and put modulars or put things on the land that are super affordable. Grants will not grant land. They will grant everything BUT land. We need a donation of land or a leased piece of land.

Its not something that is out of this out of reach and we can use those modulars until we get to a point To build our big vision, which we know is five years down the line, but we need a space to have more than six kids in our program, in our main program, our main program is the most effective and beautiful program.

We have our other programs that will influence, you know, hundreds and thousands of kids. But sometimes they don't come back because it's a one time thing. We want the kids to come back over and over and over because it's the most effective. And when they do, that's when they change. That's when they turn into these beautiful little souls and they, and while they're already beautiful little, their hearts are just breaking and we heal those hearts and their minds and allow them to feel confident in themselves so that they can. Go out into this world and become what they're meant to become.

So, when you have 6 kids coming at a time, that's 6 kids. That's still phenomenal. But when we can have 20 at a time, 30 at a time, 100 at a time, I mean... Oh my heart. Just I wish, you know, I would. And thank you so much for watching. And that is the end of part one.

Conclusion and Invitation for Engagement

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